Michael Acton-Coles Acclinics Remote Therapy Counseling Miami

All aspects of working together with Michael will be considered as  holistic and  systemic when trying to help you. Michael’s ethos is that our mind and body and spirit are inter-dependant and are therefore all of these parts of us are equally necessary, valuable and impactful and ultimately affect our state of well-being. No matter what your issue or unease in life may be we need to consider you as a complex soul within a complex social network with social demands and expectations. Once we understand where you are in this arena we can start working to help you feel better and be more at peace for yourself and those significant others.

Michael Acton-Coles is a therapist with a proven track record and an innate understanding of the complex issues that can cause problems in everyday life. During the past two decades, Michael has built an excellent network of professionals and has vowed that he will take the guess work out of getting help and if he cannot help you then he will do everything in his power to find you the appropriate person that he can. All the people that work with him and within his referral system are appropriately qualified (for example Relate trained), and with the experience to have the confidence to help you. Michael follows the British Psychological Society’s guidelines on good practice and engage their ethical guidelines.

Patient Confidentiality

Any of the information you provide during your session time is treated with the utmost confidentiality. This is with the exception to any incident in which you are considered to be at risk to yourself or others. In such cases your clinician may release information to third parties.

There may be times in which you may encounter your clinician outside of ACClinics. At these times your clinician will acknowledge you with discretion (i.e.; a nod of the head) and neither party is to engage in conversation.

Booking Sessions

Your clinician will pre-book further sessions a month in advance. This is to ensure that adequate clinic time and space may be allocated. Once sessions are agreed upon they cannot be cancelled. Sessions may, however, be rescheduled (where possible) providing 48 hour notice is given. This allows us to offer financially assisted fees.