Skype™ Therapy is a valid alternative to face-to-face therapy for most individuals, couples and families. People of all ages can get to grips with the simple Skype™ interface and my oldest patient is in her 80s! Skype™ therapy has been particularly beneficial for the following groups of people:

  • Those who are busy and often pushed for time
  • Regular travelers
  • Those with concerns about bumping into their therapist socially
  • Shift workers
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with certain psychological conditions (e.g. agoraphobia, social anxiety, etc.)
  • People in the public eye (celebrities, politicians, etc.)
  • People on tour (actors, singers, comedians, etc.)
  • Pilots, airline/cruise staff, CEOs or anyone in a profession that involves regular travel
  • People who find themselves ‘making excuses’ to avoid face-to-face sessions
  • People with chaotic and disorganised lifestyles
  • Those who find using a computer more natural and/or comfortable than talking face-to-face (although Skype™ is simple for even basic computer users to work with)

Skype™ Therapy can also help overcome barriers to therapy in the following situations:

  • Domestic abuse (where the victim is unable or unwilling to leave the home)
  • Where a client wants or needs to take a vacation but doesn’t want to disrupt their therapy work
  • Where clients are living in remote rural locations
  • Where a therapist or client relocates making face-to-face therapy impossible
  • Where the type of therapy desired/needed is not available locally


Some of my UK patients use Skype™ therapy but see me face-to-face bi-monthly, when I visit London and Torbay. Others prefer to use Skype™ only. Some prefer the powerful work that happens during intensive therapy.